District Salem
Zone Salem
Trust Athur
Census Details 369
Beneficiary 300
      Inaugural Function : 05.08.2018
      Concluding Function : 03.01.2019
People’s Feedback

My mind remained restless prior to commencement of Manavalakkalai Yoga practices. But regular practice of meditation has cured the problem and helped me find peace. I, who for the past 10 years could not sit in Sukhasana, now am able to do it, through practice of simplified physical exercises. The pain and cramps in my hips have been overcome with the help of Makarasana. I have freed myself from undue attachments after my visit to Aliyar.

S. Kanaka

People’s Feedback

I used to suffer from diabetes, blood pressure and acute pain in my legs for the past 5 years. Medicines were unable to help or cure my problems. Simplified physical exercises, meditation, Kaya Kalpa and introspection practices have helped me overcome my problems. My blood-sugar levels have come down to 120 and my blood pressure is in the range of 110/70. I am relieved of the pain in my legs and am able to walk comfortably.

V. Lakshmi

Sponsor Name

Sirusery & Navalur MVKM Trust



District Chennai
Zone Chennai Zone
Trust Adampakkam Lakeview
Census Details 400
Beneficiary 326
      Inaugural Function : 21.07.2018
      Concluding Function : 06.01.2019
People’s Feedback

I have remained childless all through the 11 years of my marriage. I also used to suffer from menstrual problems. I began attending Manavalakkalai Yoga classes purely at the insistence of the masters, but commenced doing physical exercises and Kaya Kalpa, meticulously, every day. I have been cured of menstrual problems and my weight has also decreased. I feel active and rejuvenated. I hope I will be able to beget a child shortly with the blessings of God and our divine Guru.

A. Semmeena

People’s Feedback

I used to suffer from piles, which regular practice of Kaya Kalpa has cured. My sister, who had problems with her monthly menstrual cycles, has also been cured through the practice of Manavalakkalai Yoga. My husband was addicted to liquor and I used to bless him repeatedly, at the end of every meditation, in order he may be freed of the evil habit. He has now stopped drinking and commenced to perform Manavalakkalai Yoga, every day. I am physically and mentally healthy and am confident about my ability to handle problems that may come my way. I am at peace.

M. Amutha

Sponsor Name

Calm Trust



District Dindigul
Zone Dindigul
Trust Palani
Census Details 644
Beneficiary 365
      Inaugural Function : 14.07.2018
      Concluding Function : 14.12.2018
People’s Feedback

Being Christians, we refused to join the course initially, despite requests from the masters. The master then informed us that Vethathiri Maharishi’s system of simplified physical exercises was common to all the people, and beyond consideration in terms of religion, caste, rich, poor, low or exalted. Hearing this I enrolled myself for the course and began to practice diligently. Meditation practices have helped me overcome anger and I, now, am at peace with myself. My family members have also begun to appreciate me and I have to thank Manavalakkalai for all this.

K. Saran

People’s Feedback

I am a Muslim by birth. I mention this because Manavalakkalai Yoga remains beyond consideration in terms of religion or caste. The practices are ideal for all. Short-sight in my eyes prevented me from doing well in my studies. While eye exercises have improved my eyesight, Kaya Kalpa has rejuvenated me altogether. My memory has also improved.

M. Ajeer Mohammed

Sponsor Name

Mr.S.Senkuttuvan,Trustee, Arivuthirukoil Aliyar

And K.M.Kannan, Dubai


District Perambalur
Zone Trichy
Trust Perambalur
Census Details 434
Beneficiary 263
      Inaugural Function : 29.06.2018
      Concluding Function : 26.11.2018
People’s Feedback

I am 43 years old. For the last 10 years I could not bathe in cold water or drink it, on account of asthma, cold and headache. It led to worries and unnecessary expenditure. But the practice of physical exercises, meditation and Kaya Kalpa under Manavalakkalai Yoga has helped cure the problems. I am rid of asthma and live a contented and peaceful life now. I express my sincere gratitude to Vethathiri Maharishi for all the benefits enjoyed by me.

R. Maruthambal

People’s Feedback

I am 15 years old. Manavalakkalai Yoga has cured me of headache and body pain. It has also freed me from the evil temperament of anger. I am healthy and work hard to improve my academic career. I secure higher marks in the exams because I am able to remember things better. Mudras, taught as a part of the course, have proved to be highly beneficial. I stand first in my studies at school.

J. Swasthika

Sponsor Name

Sky Yoga Centre