District Kanchipuram
Zone Kanchipuram
Trust Karumpakkam
Census Details 821
Beneficiary 370
      Inaugural Function : 17.03.2018
      Concluding Function : 25.08.2018
People’s Feedback

I am 60 years old. I began attending the course at the insistence of my daughter-in-law who has been undergoing training for some time now. I used to suffer from diabetes and blood pressure. But Manavalakkalai Yoga has helped me overcome my problems. While meditation has provided peace of mind, introspection practices have made me aware of life and the fact problems within the family can be solved through suitable efforts. I am content and happy now.

G. Padmavathy

People’s Feedback

I used to suffer from breathlessness, at times, for which I was taking medicines. Breathing exercises under Manavalakkalai Yoga has cured my problems. I have also been cured of frequent bouts of cold and headache. Meditation practices have relieved me of mental stress. Kaya Kalpa has rejuvenated me and increased my immunity to diseases

B. Tripurasundari

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Sirusery and Navalur

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