Women Empowerment

Women empowerment programs and ensure they earn a decent income

Good Health and Well being

Pre-medical camps are conducted to check on health-status of the people in the village. Apart from regular physical exercise and meditation, health-specific exercise is taught and monitored. Post medical camps are conducted to check on the improvement.

De-addition camps are conducted

Effective Quality Education

Every student is enrolled in the camp and through physical exercises and meditation, it is ensured that their performance in the academics is improved. Teachers and parents are highlighted about the importance of the education, and ensure every child attends school

Peaceful Life

Counselling sessions are conducted to ensure people give importance to their mental health, physical health and education, which helps improve their life-style.

Mediation centres are opened and ensure people participate whole-heartedly

Daily meditations are conducted

Environment Awareness

Planting a tree for every house. Waste management by providing dust-bins to segregate wet and dry waste

Gender Equality

Counselling sessions are conducted

Village Development

Self-employment opportunities are provided. Villages are maintained neatly with good roads and infrastructure