District Namakkal
Zone Salem
Trust Namakkal
Census Details 431
Beneficiary 213
      Inaugural Function : 19.01.2018
      Concluding Function : 22.06.2018
People’s Feedback

I used to suffer from piles and it has been cured through the practice of Manavalakkalai Yoga. I have been relieved of unnecessary fears, body pain, mental stress and doubts, through the practice. Simplified physical exercises and meditation have been designed in a manner that make them easy for everyone to practice.

A. Rajamanickam

People’s Feedback

I was having mental problems and have been under medication for the past 8 years. Manavalakkalai Yoga has relieved me to a very great extent and I am at peace with myself. I am able to sleep without the help of medicines and have also stopped taking medicines, in keeping with the advice of the doctors. I am very happy now.

V. Nallamuthu

Sponsor Name

Dr.Mani Saraswathi, Trustee, Aliyar Arivuthirukoil


110 – ENGUR

District Erode
Zone Erode
Trust Erode
Census Details 339
Beneficiary 234
      Inaugural Function : 17.12.2017
      Concluding Function : 26.05.2018
People’s Feedback

I used to suffer from flatulence and peptic ulcer for the past 4 years and used to take medicines regularly. But Manavalakkalai Yoga has cured me of the problems and brought changes that have earned me the respect of my family and colleagues.

M. Subramaniam

People’s Feedback

I am 61 years old and used to suffer from acute pain in my legs, the result of an accident 5 years ago. I used to suffer from cardiac problems and blood pressure for the last 7 years. Regular practice of Manavalakkalai Yoga has relieved the pain in my legs and also reduced the intake of medicines for cardiac problems and blood pressure.

K. G. Doraisamy

Sponsor Name

M.Chinnasamy, Trustee, Aliyar Arivuthirukoil

Agni Steel, Erode


District Salem
Zone Salem
Trust Mecheri
Census Details 512
Beneficiary 405
      Inaugural Function : 09.12.2017
      Concluding Function : 23.10.2018
People’s Feedback

I, who used to be under medication for high blood pressure, have reduced my intake of medicines and am in good health now. I find that blessing by repeating the words Vazhga Valamudan helps me overcome problems in life. Regular practice of meditation has provided peace of mind.

S. V. Rathinam (Retd. Head Master)

People’s Feedback

I, who used to work for 12 hours every day, did not think it essential to undertake Manavalakkalai Yoga prior to attending one of the Medical Camps. But having realised the importance and true worth of the practices, I do them regularly and it has helped me reduce my weight from 79 kilograms to 75, within a short time.

K. Ranganathan

Sponsor Name